Baby Mama Milk Threads Est 2014

Baby Mama was developed one cool night in April of 2014 when Michelle who was a truck driver on maternity leave was freezing cold breastfeeding her new little baby. Michelle searched online and in stores for a feeding friendly hoodie to her surprise there wasn’t any so Michelle decided to resign from her job as a Truck Driver and got straight to developing the first hoodie of her collection. The “Moo Moo”. It quickly went viral around the world and Michelle sold to lots of other cold mama’s using her tag line “Keep warm breastfeeding this winter”. It became Michelle’s calling to not just create snazzy feeding friendly clothes and keep mama’s warm, it was her way of supporting mama’s in their journey by making something that helped mama’s feel like themselves. 4half years and another little one Michelle has re launched after being closed since March 2016 and has launched her 2015 designed Cause Clothing ® and has partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help raise funds for Cancer Research through her Breastfeed For A Cause Campaign © 2018

Baby Mama Is Back!

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