Baby Mama




Baby Mama is a breastfeeding clothing business on a new world first mission! Baby Mama has taken her "Easy Boob'n Clothing" and re invented it's functionality to now benefit women undergoing Breast Cancer treatment.

Owner Michelle has partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and is now on a mission to raise funds for cancer research as well as for the Team Pink Treatment jumpers for them to be donated to the women who are going through financial strain and who otherwise might not be able to afford one.

Baby Mama invites YOU to be apart of this special new journey as Baby Mama will now hold Nurse In's where mama's can come along for a group breastfeeding photography session for $50 and be apart of the first ever "Breastfeed for Breast Cancer"

$50 includes your group session image and 3 Gorgeous Individuals of you and your nurseling/s and 100% of the proceeds goes to research and the development and donations of the cause clothing.


Baby Mama is kick starting the BIG Nurse In's this World Breastfeeding Week coming along to Maryborough on the 3rd of August, Hervey Bay on the 4th and Brisbane on the 5th.

To be apart of this world first BIG Nurse In and Breastfeed for Breast Cancer select your location below.

There will be amazing prize give aways that range from Whale Watching Tickets, Boutique Clothing Gift Certificates, Hair and Beauty Products and much more! All generously donated by our sponsons!!

Baby Mama looks forward to see you at this world first Breastfeed for Breast Cancer to Celebrate WBFW 2018 🎀